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Trust, like the air you breathe, affects your relationship with yourself and other people without your awareness and shapes every dimension in your organization deeply. Trustworthiness holds such an important place in leadership competence that without trust leadership does not exist! If people do not trust you, your chance of being a good leader is 1/2000.

According to 15 years long research findings of social psychologist and
Harvard University assistant professor Amy Cuddy, people give a quick answer to two questions regarding each other when they meet for the first time:
  1. Can I trust this person?
  2. How competent is this person?
The answers you give at the initial encounter constitute more than 90% of your impression about the other person. Another interesting result of the research is that as people give priority to the trustworthiness of the person they meet, they try to display their competence instead of trustworthiness at the initial meeting. 

Well, what is the cost of leading without generating trust?

The leaders who exhibit their power without delivering trust have the risk of intimidating those around them. Fear, while decreasing reflection performance, affects creativity and thus problem-solving ability adversely. This results in the employees’ being stuck in, losing their sense of belongingness and alienating themselves. A very similar situation is also valid for the organizations. In corporate systems whereby trust is not built in does not provide results in developing competencies.

When you feel trust, you may easily express your feelings and thoughts, display your values and strengths. Researches indicate that creating a trustworthy effect begins with sincerity. Warmness created by sincerity eases communication as it provides the opportunity for exchange and assimilation of ideas. The most important is that it affects the mindset of people to facilitate change from inside out.

A couple of clues from research findings for you to reflect warmth, sincerity and trustworthiness:
  • A heartfelt smile is contagious like trust generating trust.
  • Everybody wants to be seen and heard. To be an effective strong leader, try to understand continually and consciously the perspectives of your employees.
  • Be sure that your closeness and interest are reflected in your tone of voice.
  • Give importance to feelings and processes as much as ideas.
  • Be involved and get the others involved.
Be with love and trust.
Aylin Bozkurt Tüzmen
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