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PARK INNOVAARE: Newsletter December / 2016

PARK INNOVAARE at the Swiss Innovation Forum

PARK INNOVAARE, together with four other sites of Switzerland Innovation, presented itself at the Swiss Innovation Forum on Thursday, 24 November 2016. This year, besides being present at the Future Expo, PARK INNOVAARE also supported three companies from its ecosystem: InterAx Biotech AG and theMOFcompany, who were among nominees for the Swiss Technology Award in the categories “Inventors”, and Ampegon AG, who won the award in the category “Innovation Leader”. 
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Study: large research facilities in industrial R&D

The large research facilities operated by the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI enable an advanced analysis of solids, materials, crystals or proteins down into the micro and nanometer range. Here developed methods are often used by the industry in its R&D activities and can significantly improve the innovative capability of a company. In order to evaluate the current awareness level and the degree of utilization of these methods, PARK INNOVAARE in collaboration with the SLS Techno Trans AG launched a new benchmark study “Advanced Analysis with Large Research Facilities: A Cross-Industrial Perspective”.
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Team PARK INNOVAARE: new contact for the

Recently joining the team, Guillaume Jung has made PARK INNOVAARE’s team complete in his role as a Senior Project Manager Innovation & Funding. He will take over the implementation of innovation strategy and further development of industrial relations.
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News from our residents

Together for a better drug discovery: leadXpro announced two new collaborations

What brings together a clinical-stage company from UK and a spin-off from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Villigen? The common goal to discover new drug lead compounds. Heptares Therapeutics and leadXpro AG announced a new collaboration to employ powerful new approaches for the determination of high-resolution X-ray structures of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). The combination of technologies mustered by the two companies has the potential to accelerate the delivery of structural information for drug discovery efforts.
In the meantime, the spin-off has also joined forces with the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in order to advance new approaches for the X-ray data collection technologies at synchrotron (SLS) and Free electron laser (SwissFEL). Supported by the Swiss CTI (Commission of Technology and innovation), the team will evaluate and develop novel methods for crystal delivery and X-ray data collection at room temperature, providing a continuous flow of crystals referred to as serial crystallography.

Villigen – Boston – Villigen: successful business trip for InterAx Biotech AG

InterAx Biotech AG was selected among 10 other Swiss Life Science start-ups to take part in a “business boosting” week in Boston, USA. The spin-off from the Paul Scherrer Institute creates biosensors that provide precise functional information on drug action. For a young company such as itself, the opportunity as such is an inspiring and enrichening experience. We joined the team of InterAx for a small flashback to their time in Boston. Time well spent in Boston paid off in Switzerland, as the spin-off won SwissUpStart Challenge for its business plan. And the story continues, as InterAx was nominated for the Swiss Technology Award in the category “Inventors”.

"What we are good at..."

“What we are good at” is the showcase of PARK INNOVAARE. Our resident companies present their key competencies and share their plans for the future.
Today it is nomoko AG, at PARK INNOVAARE since December 2015.

nomoko AG: scalable and ultra-realistic 3D models

3D models are the building blocks of the future. Even today, they are an important component of a large number of industries: movie production, game development and architecture, to name a few. However, the demand for highly accurate, realistic 3D models will only increase as they become crucial for industries such as robotics, self-driving cars and – last but not least – virtual and augmented reality. The process of 3D model creation, however, remains extremely lengthy, expensive and tedious as it is created manually.  
At nomoko, we are developing the technology that will allow for scalable and ultra-realistic 3D model creation. Our technology consists of two blocks. A compact camera system which, at 2 gigapixels, is the highest resolution camera ever made, and 3D reconstruction software, the first of its kind to handle the amount of detail provided by our camera and to fully automate the entire process. The extremely high resolution on the capturing side allows for the creation of 3D models that are so realistic, they cannot be distinguished from reality. However, it is the compactness, portability and speed that will allow for true scalability of 3D capturing. 
Nomoko was founded in May 2015 in Zurich and has been part of PARK INNOVAARE since November 2015. We are currently in the planning phase for pilot projects for 2017 with world leading movie production studios and game developers.
This September the Top 100 Swiss start-ups were announced by and Handelszeitung. nomoko AG with its unique camera technology ranks 40th on the list.


Competitive advantages are found in heads and hands – not in technology 

Industry 4.0 is a label for technological developments that are expected to trigger an industrial transformation. It holds great potential for innovation. However, this potential can only partly be found in technology. According to Professor Anton Wäfler from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), the true competitive advantage lies in the intelligent use of technologies, and, thus, in a company’s employees. 
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Corporate innovation needs a major makeover – the 7 rules of excubation

For years, companies were trying to find the best approach to corporate innovation, balancing between intrapreneurship and incubators. Dr. Markus Anding, co-founder and managing director at Excubate Corporate Start-ups, suggests another approach: excubation.
Reinventing energy companies

With prices on energy constantly dropping, it is indispensable for energy companies to stay innovative. Technical progress is only one side of the process. In order to succeed, energy giants have to innovate their business model, thinks our guest author, Ueli Walter, speaker at Axpo Holding AG.


INNOVATION in PRACTICE: successful second and third edition

Another session of INNOVATION in PRACTICE, a series of workshops on innovation and technology management, took place on 12 July and 23 August, 2016. The focus was on process and breakthrough innovation. About 30 participants joined each session, among whom were senior executives from the energy business, engineering and special machinery industries, as well as biotech and aerospace companies. (to the report: 2nd session and 3rd session)
INNOVATION in PRACTICE will restart in February 2017 with new and exciting practice cases. The three consecutive meetings will take place on February 7, March 7 and April 4, 2017. Information and Registration at

DISRUPTIVE MORNING: launch of a new event format

On 20 January 2017, PARK INNOVAARE is launching a new event: DISRUPTIVE MORNING, an open platform for project leaders and heads of R&D. The purpose of the event is to discuss relevant topics in technology and innovation. The pilot event will be hosted by Ampegon AG, the winner of the Swiss Technology Award 2016. Marcel Frei, company’s head of R&D, will share and discuss Ampegon’s solutions developed for the PSI’s SwissFEL project.
Information and registration
Stay tuned! For more information on events at PARK INNOVAARE, keep an eye on our Event page

In the media

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Aargauer Zeitung          PARK INNOVAARE at the Swiss Innovation Forum
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